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Name : Dr. Abbas Khosravi
Speciality : Critical Care Medicine, Anesthesia
Email :
Affilation : Consultant Critical Care Medicine MD, FCCM Anesthetist, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Dr. Abbas Khosravi is a sub-specialist physician with fellowship degree in Critical Care Medicine ( FCCM ), proficient in delivering clinical services in critical care unit settings and performing required diagnostic or surgical procedures at the bedside, whenever needed. He has led multidisciplinary teams for managing long-term ventilated patients (LTVU), along with developing weaning and rehabilitation plan for chronic patients.

He also has healthcare management and leadership experiences through which he has managed new clinical departments. He believes that teamwork culture and building strong professional multidisciplinary care are the key for the management of critically ill patients.

He has also worked earlier as the Medical Director of a newly built hospital during the preparation phase of the hospital and was fully engaged with recruitment, interviewing professionals, assignment of staff, organizing, setting up and monitoring the readiness of clinical departments. Dr. Khosravi has been actively involved in accreditation processes in various organizations, including accreditation processes for JCI (USA), and ACI (Canada).

He has been:

  • An invited speaker for scientific lectures by Emirates Critical Care Association and other scientific activities 
  • Star staff, selected by Quality Department of Rashid Hospital, Dubai (2008) 
  • Winner of Draeger Laboratory grant for young researchers in 13th World Congress of Anesthesiologists, Paris-France (2004) 
  • Won the Best Lecturer of the International Anesthesiology Congress, Shiraz-Iran (2002) 
  • Assistant professor of Anesthesia and Critical care medicine- Iran

He is a member of:

  • WFSA (World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists), since 2002  
  • Critical Care Society, United Arab Emirates, since 2006 
  • European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) 
  • American Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) 
  • Society of Iranian Anesthesiologists, since 2002 
  • Iranian Council of Medicine, since 1993